With a growing population of children with special needs, chances are that you have children who are a part of your children’s ministry and who are in need of some extra help or accommodations.

Parents of children with special needs often do not attend church because they are unsure if the children’s ministry is equipped to understand and to handle their child’s needs. Therefore, regularly attending church as a family for refreshment, fellowship, and learning from God’s Word seems like an unattainable reality to many of these families.

As a church we need to be a place of refuge for these families, a place where we extend love, grace, and compassion. We need to be a group of people who, inspired by the love of Christ, have taken the time to learn how to accommodate and communicate with these children and their families.

Marcy’s interactive training conference will equip your church’s ministry leaders and volunteers to gain understanding of children with special needs and their families; to learn effective and compassionate communication; and to prevent and handle negative behaviors. Case studies and handouts will allow you to leave with ideas that can be easily implemented into your current children’s ministry. 


The handouts and suggestions for handling specific situations were very valuable to me. This course reminded me to see the child and not the diagnosis and to focus on sharing God’s love to the child and his family.

What an awesome training conference! This topic so needs to be addressed. Marcy made the teaching clear with real experiences and with honest and helpful suggestions from her heart. I pray this is something we can repeat again.

The information on understanding sensory needs and modifications was helpful to make me aware of new ways to help children in our church.